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I put up a new layout, which was from publicstyles community {or something like that} & edited by me. I'm too lazy to make all the mods for a friends page so I'll cope with this ugly old one. Paid account runs out on saturday =[ but I should be getting a new one within a week.. new name, too.
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_tragickingdom - My new linkware icon journal. =]

& seeing as I'm bored.. see if you can make it up to 100 comments on this post. Comment about absolutely anything. If you're the 100th comment and tell me & I'll make you something. ^_^
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I havent been able to update because it's hard when you can only use one arm, but both are working [almost] fine now! =] I got stung really badly, a few days ago, by a hornet. Let me tell you.. IT HURT LIKE FUCK! You could see my veins coming out of my arm, and the venomy stuff moving up them! Ew. I got this spray stuff for it from the DRs which didn't do fuck all, but I've still got to keep putting it on because it still hurts from time to time.

Went to par at about.. 12ish I guess, and met Rob [Matt's cute mate] at the station. He lives in Bucks, but he was staying with his sister in Exeter so he came down to see Matt. We didnt think his train stopped at Lostwithiel but it turns out it did.. but by the time we found that out it was too late. There was no train back to Lostwithiel for at least two hours so me, Matt & Rob walked back to Lostwithiel which took us about an hour and a half, maybe less. Rob dropped his bag off and we went down to the train station and caught a train to Plymouth. We then had to find the Phoenix pub, which took us ages.. we asked about three different tramps the way and they all gave us different directions lol. Not helpful. In the end we found it by following Leftover Crack [the band we went to see].. yes, we followed them all the way through Plymouth to their own gig lol. There were erm.. three support bands, two of which were kinda crappy.. & one I've liked for a while. Seconds Out, The Mingers [the ones I've liked for a while], Whole Truth, and of course.. Leftover Crack. It was fun =] I had a good time. I wish I'd remembered to take my camera, though.. *sigh* could of got some cool photos considering we talked to the band for a while. It was only a small gig, but thats cool.. cause it means you can talk to the band etc. - there was no more than 50 people there, it's just a pub. There was still a pit and shit though. We left it late leaving for the last train, which we ended up missing by.. 5 minutes? We were gonna sleep rough but Matt's mum was in Liskeard so we asked the taxi driver how much a taxi there would be and they said £25 so we got in.. & asked where we really lived so we told him and he offered to take us back there for £40, although in the past its been over £100! So yeah, we got back.. watched videos and collapsed. I was too tired to get photos of us, so er... deal with it =].

My birthday in a week [almost]!! Eek. I'm going to Alton Towers with Matt not long after my birthday.. should be fun. Then on the 25th August I'm probably going to go see Horrorpops live.

Robs seeing Leftover Crack again tonight, near London... & then I think he's going again on Saturday to London. He's a crazy stalking fan, lol.

I think I'm going to go friends only soon. PS if anyone has a quid/dollar or so to spare.. [and loves me tons] could you donate some to my paypal account? [to the address].. if I get a couple of dollars more I can get 6months paid time on a new name, mine runs out on my birthday. Mega thanks to Amanda [tornfishnets] for donating $10 =D
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I want to write an entry, but I've got nothing much to say.. so I'm going to follow trend and bullet point things =]

  • I finally got my online 'portfolio' back up. Theres still a few things I need to get up, but that can wait.. most of it's up. Shining Star - you'll have to register to comment (I'll love you if you do) until I can figure out why it won't let me allow visiters to comment. I've got it set to 'visters can post comments' but still.. nothing. *sigh*
  • I moved all my blinkies, along with the ones that are made for me, off my example journal and over to wretchedblinkie. It says who made each one, etc. Theres not a lot there yet though...
  • For some reason I've had the urge to be outside loads lately. Dale bought a bike round so I've been riding that up the woods lots, fun stuff =]
  • I rented Charlies Angels full throttle out a couple of nights ago, and me and Matt watched that and the first one. I like Charlies Angels films..
  • About a week ago we rented Big Fish.. gotta love that film. I think it's one of Tim Burton's best yet, and the ending was better than I thought it'd be.
  • I've got a long english essay to write.. which I'm really behind on. I've done one of the three stories.. the other two I've got to do today/tonight. I need to catch up on my ICT work too. I haven't done hardly any of it because it was ages before I got anything and then even once I did they told me the wrong thing to do, so I figured fuck it.. I'm not going to do it until I'm sure what I need to do. Now he (the teacher) expects me to email him what I've done (which is erm.. nothing) eek! Good job I can't find his email address ;) I might get stopped from doing IT though.. =[
  • Beth, Dale's sister, had a fashion show the other day (along with other people from the university, I think).. I wanted to go but she didn't have enough tickets. Oh well...
  • My mum & Matt have been making something, but wont show me what (my mum makes lots of things, mainly out of wood, cards.. picture frames.. mirrors.. etc. - she's pretty good at them too..) - it's probably something to do with my birthday coming up.. =\
  • I'm gonna end this now. There's cute baby elephants on tv.. =]
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    I've decided that instead of getting a new name I'm going to be keeping this journal, because it's just easier that way, and re-knewing my paid account (unless, of course, I find an EA one.. but thats unlikely). So that means friends cut.. sorry, but theres to many of you on my list to keep up with, which ends up in me not commenting on any of yours. I'm also going to leave a ton of communities.

    Friends Cut
    __dragdoll ~ You got a new username, doll.
    rimikins ~ Ditto.
    __perdono ~ You never update.
    _cinder ~ You switched usernames.
    _hyperspastic ~ You don't use your livejournal.
    audraiconstuff ~ Deleted journal.
    bass_allstar ~ You don't use this name anymore, right?
    _dropout ~ I don't think you've ever even commented.
    ___punchlabel ~ You don't update.
    diamonddew ~ We never comment on each others entries, & I don't think we have all that much in common.
    daughterboy ~ Lost interest.
    fridaymisfit ~ You never update.
    heartdecay ~ Deleted journal.
    grotesque ~ You got a new name.
    icon_goddess ~ Lost interest in your icons.
    labecster ~ Never talk to you.
    lushxkill ~ Ew.
    nyanyan ~ We never talk, you haven't updated in a while.
    ofstaticpallor ~ We never talk.
    suicidalfcuk ~ We don't talk.
    twentyone_13 ~ You don't update, we don't talk.
    wh0reible ~ You deleted your journal.
    xxplosive ~ Deleted journal.

    I *think* that's about it. Those of you whom I removed.. don't get bitchy, just delete me (or comment giving me a good reason as to why I should re-add you).

    I think maybe I'll go back to being friends only. Not because I have anything to hide, but because it means I get to avoid being judged for everything I write by people that don't even know me.

    Also, WTF is up with livejournal lately? It seems to be down a lot.
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    hahahaha. I am highly amused. People need to start living in the real world and realise that not everyone out there is the same, and just because occasionally you will come across someone that is not the same as everyone else it does not make them a fake.

    Its a friends only community so I just viewed source and uploaded it to my site, so the comments links etc. wont work for you guys.. but still. I just found it so funny I had to share.
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    I'm really bored, but I can't concentrate on actually doing anything. I'm still really tired.. well, not so much tired, but really exhausted. I'm going to the DRs tomorrow, *sigh* I hate DRs.. I have a huge fear of them, but I promised my Mum and Matt that I would. I doubt I'm going to trust anything he says though, he's always wrong. Or at least thats the conclusion I've come to based on past experiences.

    I'm actually kinda pissed off.. I'm finding it really hard to catch up on coursework and shit. A year off is a long time. Even longer than it sounds when it comes to making up the work. I think anyone would be finding it hard, but when your ill and energyless it's even harder. It's practically impossible.. I can barely move. That's how little energy I have. I've spent most of the last few days either sleeping or sitting doing nothing. That in itself is depressing.

    Wow I seem to complain a lot.. but when you can't do anything it really, really sucks.

    I want to hear new bands, or remember old ones.. so copy&paste your playlist into a comment. Please? I want to download music, even if its songs by bands I've already heard of. Whatever. (To copy and paste your playlist using winamp go to Misc > Misc > Generate HTML Playlist then copy and paste what comes up).
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    I wrote an entry a minute ago, but all it said was that my site was back up (which it is, so go comment.. please? It also means my latest entry at wretchedfairy is back up..), nothing more. I want to write an entry, but not only do I not have anything to say.. I don't physically have the energy.

    These last few days I've had no energy. None at all. & it's not due to lack of sleep.. because I've slept fine, and I've got a good amount of it (if not more than usual). I've been out of breath, and just drained of all energy. Theres stuff that I want to do, but for once it's not that I can't get motivated.. it's that I physically can't. I've been accused of making it up by my Mum, which I swear on my life I am not. I just don't know whats brung it on.. I can't explain it. So I might not update for a little while.. until I have the energy to do so again. <3